Error calling .Net 1.1 webservice from .Net 2.0

Error calling .Net 1.1 webservice from .Net 2.0

Post by Sems » Sat, 01 Dec 2007 07:49:17

I'm trying to call a webservice like this...

CompanySummaryService css = new CompanySummaryService();
int num = 1001028;
CompanySummaryDetails details =

but am getting this exception thrown...

{"'date' is an invalid value for the SoapElementAttribute.DataType
property. The property may only be specified for primitive types."}

Why am I getting this? What does it mean?


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Hi all,

We have an application which is created in .net 1.1(Visual studio
2003). Now we need to create maps from this application. The only
chioce for us is to use ESRI libraries to generate map images.

The issue is, current version of ESRI (ArvGIS 9.2) only support .net
2.0. I wrote a map component with Visual studio 2005, and check the
"Register for COM interop" for the project. This creates both dll and
tlb assemblies.

I was not able to add this com component to my .net 2003 application
as reference. When I tried to add the tlb file as the reference, I got
the following error message:

"A reference to "myMapCom" could not be added. Converting the type
library to a .NET assembly failed. Type library myMapCom was exported
from a CLR assembly and can not be re-imported as a CLR assembly."

Any idea for solving this issue?



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