RequiredFieldValidator - on-the-fly changes

RequiredFieldValidator - on-the-fly changes

Post by Peter Blu » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 03:54:28

I'm trying to envision your web form. Why would you be letting the user
click to submit without validating then validate on the next stage? I figure
that you have a multi-panel wizard where you hide fields. Regardless, it may
help to describe your web form in more detail.

Consider these tools:
1. A button has a CausesValidation property. Set it to false when you don't
want that button to fire the validators. The validators will still fire as
fields are edited unless you set EnableClientScript to false on each.
2. Certainly in your button's Click event handler, you can change the state
of a validator from disabled to enabled.
3. You may have a form that requires two separate groups of validation. For
example, with a wizard, you show separate panels between post backs. You
only want one of those panels to be validated at a time. This requires a
concept called "Validation groups" which is due in ASP.NET 2.0. Its already
available in my product, "Professional Validation And More"
( )
4. You may have some other rule that indicates a validator should be
disabled, such as the textbox its validating is disabled or invisible. If
you want client-side validation to automatically activate when the textbox
becomes enabled/visible, all validators within Professional Validation And
More include the Enabler property to detect conditions that enable the

--- Peter Blum
Creator of "Professional Validation And More" at

with C#). How can I enable the RequiredFieldValidator when I click a button
(e.g., in its event handler). I don't wan't to use validation until just
before I'm ready to leave the form. At present, my
RequiredFieldValidator.Enabled=true code requires that I click the exit
button twice before this enable takes effect. That's one too many times.

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