IE display issue after printing Reporting Services report

IE display issue after printing Reporting Services report

Post by amRzdGVudG » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 23:56:01

(I apologize if this is a repeat. I was told to post under the managed news
group. I'm a little confused, but...)

I'm running SRS 2000 with SP2 and I'm using IE 6.0 with SP2 (and IE 7.0) to
display and print my reports. After printing a report, there seems to be some
problem with character sets or locale settings for IE.

I have a web page that displays financial data with dollar signs. After
printing (or previewing) a report, the dollar signs (in a separate web page)
are displayed as some type of "bulls eye" character. This behavior is
intermittent. I
can refresh the page and sometimes the dollar signs come back. When I open a
new record, the dollar signs are sometimes displayed, but other times the
"bulls eye" character is displayed.

If I reset IIS, the problem goes away until the next time I print (or
preview) a report. It seems to be caused by the ActiveX control that was part
of the Reporting Services service pack, which added the capability of
printing directly from the report toolbar. However, I'm not sure what this
control could be doing to cause this problem.

Any information on what might be happening would be appreciated.



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Thanks in advance,


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