Inconsistent behavior of an button performing a postback when a button is clicked.

Inconsistent behavior of an button performing a postback when a button is clicked.

Post by Mossma » Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:55:39


I posted this problem in another thread and received no response. I
need some input at what to look at next. So, if anyone out there as
any suggestions, please respond to this message.

I have an ASP.NET button that works for a majority of my customers yet
a few customers in Mexico are receiving error messages.

I looked at the trace logs. It is performing a postback and saving
their information to the DB for all users that are not receiving error
messages. However, for the customers in Mexico, it is not performing
postback. Instead, it is performing a GET operation and not a postback
like it should. Here is HTML script of my button.

<asp:button id="btnSave" EnableViewState="False" Runat="server"
CssClass="clsBtnSmall" Text="Save" CausesValidation="False"
OnCommand="CommandBtn_Click" CommandName="Save">

This used to work for the customers in Mexico.



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I've got an app. In case of unhandled exceptions, the
web.config is set up to redirect the user to an error page. If the
user then clicks the back button to retry, they have lost all the data
they entered. This could be quite a lot of data. Is there a way to
handle this? I tried SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium but the
LoadPageState is not fired when going back so this doesn't work. And
the back button only works if I set Cacheability to NoCache.

If the page is redirected by me (which it is on a successful post)
then I store the info in a dataset Session variable and provide the
user with a Back button that restores the page using the Session
variable. But if the redirection is because of an error then i cannot
rely on the dataset (as this could be the cause of the error), but how
do I stop the user losing the data.

I could remove tha automatic redirection from the config file and put
in a global page_error handler that issued a javascript alert or just
showed the error on the page but this was a backup for unhandled

Any help appreciated.

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