Choosing b/w ASP v1.0.3705 & v1.1.4322

Choosing b/w ASP v1.0.3705 & v1.1.4322

Post by asnowfal » Wed, 16 Nov 2005 04:16:21

I am new to web technologies. Pls clarify these basic doubts.

When there are mutliple ASP version installed on the same machine there

will be
corresponding directories under "WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework"

Ex: my webserver has following ASP folders

1) Can I have one website using v1.0.3705 and other using v1.1.4322?
2) How to know the ASP version that is being used?


Choosing b/w ASP v1.0.3705 & v1.1.4322

Post by » Wed, 16 Nov 2005 06:54:51

if you deploy Framework 2.0 you'll have a new interface in IIS to choose
which framework version you want to use for a particular virtual directory.

there is other options like adding information in the Web.Config file, but I
have not tested this.

and if you start a new application, always use the latest version of the
framework which is the v1.1.4322 for a .Net 1.1 application.

most of the .Net V1.0 applications works with the V1.1 framework.
So try first then if there is any issue, ask to correct the server config.