anyone gotten biometric product to work with PGP

anyone gotten biometric product to work with PGP

Post by Brian Berg » Tue, 18 May 2004 23:48:07

Has anyone gotten a biometric scanner like APC's Biopod to work with PGPDisks
(I'm using PGP 8.03).


Brian Bergin

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Please post replies to the group so all may benefit.

1. Could anyone recommend a .NET biometric SDK for a multi-user environment?

2. Is there anyone working on MODIS Atmosphere product?

Hi, everyone!!!

I am trying to derive some meteorological data from MODIS atmospheric
products. I compiled three files, and ran those procedures. I just got
message below:

OPENR: Filename argument must be a scalar string: BATCH_ST.

where batch_st is designated as follows.

batch_st = 'batch_MOD04.txt'

The contents of 'batch_MOD04.txt' are currently as follows.


What does this error message mean? If you have any solutions or
suggestions, please let me know. I didn't present my procedure files
now because they are relatively big files. However, if you need to see
the three *.pro files to solve this problem, I can show you. Thanks.

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