How to change the email-Adresse of a public PGP key?

How to change the email-Adresse of a public PGP key?

Post by rnewton1 » Wed, 28 Sep 2005 02:28:56

I few days ago I asked for the change of the eMail adress of of a PGP key pair.
The solutions which are offered worked fine. However they are not working
if only the public PGP is available.

How do I change the eMail-adress for a PGP public key I hold in my PGP 6.5.8 keyring?


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After getting PGP to work on my HP3000, I got in touch with the other
party who wants to send us PGP encrypted files and obtained their
keyfile in ascii format.

I attempt to add their keyfile to my keyring and it tries to go out to a
public key server. (Probably sponsored by someone in the PGP
development process.)

Since I obtained the other party's public key directly, why should I
need to go out to a public key server.

And since it is an hp3000, I would not expect it to use a URL as if it
were a browser.
(And why did it use a protocol named hkp instead of http?)

I get:

shell/iX> pgpk -a otherpartykey.asc
Retreiving hkp:/
Looking up host
Unable to import keyfile "otherpartykey.asc".
[1] + Done(134) pgpk -a otherpartykey.asc
4261264 Abort pgpk

Tracy Johnson
Measurement Specialties, Inc.



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