Codex of Reason

Codex of Reason

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odex of Reason
Concept of the structure of a reasonable society

A goal: Development of a new model of the society.

Alexander Ernst


1. Society 1
2. Identity of the society 2
3. Goals of the society 2
5. Creative force of the society 3
6. Freedom of the society 3
7. Creation of the society 4
8. Existence of the society 4
9. Passing of the society 5
10. Administration of the society 5
11. Votes in the society. Value democracy. 6

1. Society

The term of the society is introduced by the following postulates.

1.1. Human is actually a society on him self.
1.2. A society has identity differentiating it from other ones.
1.3. Carrier of the identity can be only one member of the society.
1.4. Following attributes belong to characteristics of a society:
1.4.a. Identity
1.4.b. Goals
1.4.c. Measure of the freedom
1.4.d. Functions
1.4.e. Measure of the creative force
1.5. Measure of the society is number of its members.
1.6. Society functions refer to roles, which it plays, and obligations
and objectives, which should be done.
1.7. Creative force of the society relates to its ability to fulfil
functions successfully.
1.8. Freedom of the society is connected with its obligations and

2. Identity of the society

Identity of the society is a mandatory tribute of its determinate being.
A society without identity cannot exist.

2.1. The nature of the society identity can be implemented due to 1.4.
2.2. A carrier of the identity may be only a member of the society.
2.3. Carrier of the identity can be elected or voted out each time by all
members directly.
2.4. The carrier of the social identity receives personally delegated and
co-ordinated authority, in order to fulfil goals of the society.
2.5. Carrier of the social identity may decide only in frame of him
delegated authority.
2.6. Other decisions than in 2.5 can be made by voting of all members

3. Goals of the society

Goals of the society can be choose or set up.

3.1. Division of goals on internal and external is mandatory.
3.2. External of goals of a society consist mainly in communication,
delegation of authority and take over of responsibility.
3.3. External of goals contribute to the development of the society as
3.4. A goal of the society continuity maintenance can be pursued only if
it does not contradict other goals.
3.5. Internal goals serve the fulfilling of the obligations of the
society towards members.
3.6. Well-being and development of each individual member belong to
mandatory internal goals of society.

4. Functions of the society

Functions of a society can be acquired or delegated.

4.1. There are internal and external functions to the society.
4.2. Internal functions are dedicated continuity of the society being and
being of members.
4.3. External functions relate to society identity and its obligations
towards other societies.
4.4. Functions of the society may not have a destructive character.

Definition. Destructive force is a form of the force, which destroys
identity of a society. Destructive force is opposite to creative force.

5. Creative force of the society

Creative Kraft of the society is result of its development.

5.1. Creative force of the society is result of the creative abilities of
its members.
5.2. External effect of the creative force:
5.2.a. Identity continuity mainte