Strange ZOOM behaviour

Strange ZOOM behaviour

Post by ias » Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:13:01

I have a plot where I display some values against date/time they were collected at. Decimal date values are generated by datenum and are expected to have enough precision to give better than 1 second resolution. So we are talking about large numbers with high precision. Plotting works just fine but when I start zooming in funny things start to happen. It looks like after a few clicks (zooming in by a factor of 2 at each click), xLim range doesn't change and the same limits are preserved. In the meanwhile, yLim range is correctly halved at each click as expected. The same thing happens when interactively defining zoom area using mouse.

I have been going through the zoom function to see if there was a limit to the range one could zoom in but couldn't find any. Once my xLim range is down to:
xLim = [733067.6242850902 733067.6244463650]
diff(xLim) = 1.612748019397259e-004

then zooming in further does not have any effect. Does anybody know what is going on here? I would like to be able to zoom in such that xLim range is down to a second.