Error using Matlab-command web in Stand-Alone Application

Error using Matlab-command web in Stand-Alone Application

Post by Matthias K » Wed, 07 Jul 2004 17:25:17

Hi everyone,

I have following problem: I have a GUI with 3 extra figures which will be
called by menus or buttons. Everything works fine.
Additionally I put in a menu that opens a html-file using the command:

state = web('helpfile','-browser').

This works fine as well.

But when I first open the help-file and afterwards open any of the
additional GUI-figures I get following error window WHEN I close my
"Th eapplication in "0x77aa2994" is linked to memory in "0x00380020". The
"read" could not be performed on the memory.

I have no idea why this happens. I tried to find the error in the "web"
function but my tracing ended at the call of the function "ibrowse" in
web.m. What is thsi function? There is no help available on it.

Any advice how to work around or where this problem comes from will be
appreciated. I currently use 6.5.1 on Win2000.