Literate Programming WAS: MATLAB Programming .

Literate Programming WAS: MATLAB Programming .

Post by Phil Mende » Fri, 13 May 2005 02:20:46

Perhaps not as interesting as you might think -- submissions are
restricted to 65535 *characters*, so while I'm a big fan of Literate
Programming, I would probably opt out of it for this contest -- at
least until I had my code working!

Phil Mendelsohn

Dept. of Mathematics
U. of Mantioba

Literate Programming WAS: MATLAB Programming .

Post by Ed Manlov » Fri, 13 May 2005 03:09:30


I not suggesting that contest entries be submitted or forced to be
submitted through some literate programing source code but a seperate
side contest take place.

One reason for sharing ideas, code, etc. through the use of literate
program is to better communicate those ideas and sample code or
algorithms in an easily readable format.

People could submit there examples of MATLAB contest related literate
Programming examples to the MATLAB Central File Exchange server.

Since you mentioned your affection for Literate Programming do you
have any examples that involve MATLAB code that others can see what
we are talking about?