Post by tinne12 » Wed, 26 May 2010 06:47:04

Hi Folks,

in a small discussion at

I was encouraged to try a thread on this forum and its properties. A few points, you may add some more...

[1] What forums do you actively visit / use?

[2] How much do you like this forum properties? You may think of:
- the impossibility to edit or delete own posts
- lack of formatting tools such as quotes, codes, smileys
- lack of possibility to upload files
- the necessity to be careful with the body of previous message(s) that by default appears when replying - hence the risk people sometimes top post
- the 'readability' of posts that contain the body of previous message(s)
... at least I don't know there 'd be any. The points I mentioned are strongly due to I am an EViews forum user powered by phpBB(TM)
and I am accessing this forum directly through

By the way, do you know of any official possibility to discuss / suggest this forum improvements?

To avoid the event this thread 'd sound critical, I need to say that I am totally utterly HAPPY for this forum to exist and I wouldn't see the way to survive given my programming incapabilities without the quick and helpful comments of other users.

Therefore please note that this post is strongly POSITIVELY intended to share eventual feelings and tips that could perhaps enhance the forum quality...

Have good luck and a perfect time with your Matlab / Simuling computing related activities!!!! :O)


Post by Matt Fi » Wed, 26 May 2010 07:03:05

My understanding is that this is not a forum, it is a newsgroup.

I do use many forums on the net, but I like this newsgroup better than all of them.



Post by tinne12 » Wed, 26 May 2010 07:17:04

Thanks Matt Figg,

for correcting my vocabulary.

By 'Forum' I wished to refer to the news site loosely speaking. As I remark under
there are a couple of insightful info from Steven Lord, I wished to correct my post for, if I had the possibility to edit own posts. That is the one of the points I was referring to, the technical properties of the site. In a few days I hope I will have time to learn more details on the various issues raised by Steven Lord. Thank you.


Post by Walter Rob » Wed, 26 May 2010 07:46:37

Some non-technical ones -- but several Usenet groups.

Which forum is that? This is a Usenet newsgroup, comp.soft-sys.matlab .

That's standard for Usenet.

Not important, as such things are not supported by Usenet.

Uploading files not permitted to Usenet newsgroups except for those
newsgroups that have 'binary' in their name (or possibly some of the
ones that start with 'alt.') There are hundreds of thousands of sites
that store duplicate copies of the posts, and uploading files would
quickly add up to far far too much storage. This is not just a surmise:
this has been well established for the existing binary newsgroups. It is
relatively trivial to store several years of text-only postings, but it
is not uncommon for sites to have to restrict newsgroups that permit
files to a week's storage.

A lot of people top-post whether the previous message appears
automatically or not. Top-posting is seldom an accident.

Yes, they are less readable if they do *not* contain the body of
previous messages.

I have used enough systems powered by vBBS to know well that such
systems are unsuited for serious technical discussions -- for example,
such systems do not support forking of discussions and threading the result.

What Mathworks implements for their *interface* to this Usenet newsgroup
is not of particular interest to me, as long as they keep sending out
plain-text (no HTML, no files) messages to Usenet.

This newsgroup is currently in a bit of a lull, as one University term
has ended and the summer terms are not very far along. When it gets
busier, there will be over 500 postings per day. Keeping up with all of
those postings and following them properly is something that Usenet has
had to deal with for decades, and the tools for handling volumes of
complex discussions are pretty sophisticated. With common Usenet tools,
I can follow on the order of 2000 postings per day. I can't do that with
any of the "BBS" graphical software packages.


Post by Steven Lor » Sun, 30 May 2010 03:11:44


It's interesting that you say that. We tried proposing such a split a
couple of years ago (man, has it already been almost SIX YEARS?) and didn't
get a lot of feedback: #182813

If I remember correctly, due to the low response we didn't proceed to the
Call for Votes stage.

Steve Lord
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