3d plot with multiple 2d plot contours

3d plot with multiple 2d plot contours

Post by Seyed Ima » Sat, 04 Sep 2010 23:32:28

I need to draw a 3d plot as follows:

There are three planes that are parallel. on each plane I wish to draw a 2d plots like contours or multiple circles. I also want to draw the planes and draw arrows that connect the some points inside the planes.

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I have 3 sets of 3D data which share the same x and y but have
different order of magnitude z values. I have used the 3D gnuplot demo
- 2D contour projection feature but only for one set of data at a time.
I know it is possible to display multiple plots on a page but what I
would really like is to overlay all of the 3D data on one plot. Is
this possible?

I would also like to have one of the data sets display using the pm3d
feature and the other in non pm3d, again do not know if it is possible.
appreciate any suggestions



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