How to call call a MATLAB shared library from another shared library

How to call call a MATLAB shared library from another shared library

Post by srikant » Thu, 10 Apr 2008 18:28:02


I have some Matlab generated dlls, now i want to call
functions which are in those dlls from my class library.
The library initializations are not being done from the
library. How can i access those functions from a dll.

Thank you in advance...


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I have several shared objects (.so), and all of them do have some
function with the same name and the same semantics (eg helloWorld).

I also have the main binary, which has the same function, and which is
linked against some of the shared libraries mentioned above.

I need to call each of the functions from the main binary (including
the helloWorld from the main module itself)

I need generic algorithm, cause I do not want to have hardcoded names
of the so linked with the specific main binary.

I do understand, that except my module there are some standard unix
libraries which do not have the specific function (eg

How can I implement this?

Just to be clear: void helloWorld() { printf("Hello from libA"); } void helloWorld() { printf("Hello from libB"); }
main: void helloWorld() { printf("Hello from main"); }

and when I start main, I receive (order is not significant):
hello from main
hello from libB
hello from libA

Thank you in advance

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