To workspace & From workspace during Simulation

To workspace & From workspace during Simulation

Post by G?nen » Fri, 27 Mar 2009 16:15:19

High everybody,

As most of you know "To workspace" block sends the signal to matlab workspace and you can use this variable only when the simulation is stopped. But I want to use this variable during the simulation also. In other words, I want to send the variable to workspace and then use it during the simulations. Do you have any suggestions to do that????

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I'm using two distinct assertions in my simulation with dedicated callback functions. The first assertion callback asks for an xls input file which has the simulation data with respect to time. I need to read the current simulation time at that moment in the m-file which is used to calculate the condition for the second assertion. Basically what I want to achieve is a time trigger for the second assertion which is dependent to the current simulation time and the execution time of the xls file. (t_trigger = tout + txls)

The problem is tout is not available in the workspace until the simulation is ended and trying to export the simulation time with a "to workspace" block does not work either. Is there any other methods to obtain the simulation time during a callback execution or do I have to think of another way around?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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