How to convert Matlab code into C code

How to convert Matlab code into C code

Post by Shailesh P » Fri, 09 May 2008 15:15:13


I want to convert my matlab code into C code. Please let me know how
to do this? I am also watching for any help manual regarding this.

Shailesh Patel

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I am basically a c programmer, and very new to matlab. Will the matlab
compiler generate c/cpp equivalent code to matlab code?

I tried with some of my files. Just it is generating a c file with
mail and interanlly calling the matlab code. For example

_retval = mclMain(_mcr_inst, argc, argv, "myFunction", 1);

Where myFunction is the matlab file. I didn't observe any code of my
function inside this c file.

I tried to generate one static dll by using some files and came to
know that i am not getting the entire source code for my files. Just
getting the export file which gives the functions that are being
exposed by that dll and header file giving the function syntax.

Is it possible to get the entire code conversion? This will be very
useful to me. May be this is a stupid quiestion, but i would like to
know the scope.

In the matlab we can get the source code for various functions in
matlab code. Like wise can i get the source code in c?

Please can anybody help me?

Thanks & Regards,

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