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I am currently doing a project about billiards GUI.I would like to
ask what should i do in order to just click anywhere or any position
in the GUI and then the billards would appear in that position??



Post by us » Mon, 07 May 2007 08:00:14

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a hint:

doc axes;
% then, go to the underlined token <axes properties>
% then, peruse the entry <ButtonDownFcn>




Post by hahihahi12 » Mon, 07 May 2007 17:52:51

I knew about the ButtonDownFcn but how do i specified all the
coordinates that when i just simply click on the billiards table and
then the billiard appear in that position??


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See the documentation on Figure Properties for the property CurrentPoint
That will allow you to determine the X and Y coordinates; you will need
to figure out the Z coordinates somehow.
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