2d to 3d texture map problem

2d to 3d texture map problem

Post by Dawe » Sun, 16 Sep 2007 01:16:47

hi all
i have a 2d image
on it are some feature points
i did a triangulations on these points
now i want to project these points back to 3d
how can i project the many pieces of triangle surfaces to 3d ?

to make things clearer, here's an example
i have an image of a cube
and i know the positions of all of its corners in 3D
imagine that each surface of the cube is different
how can i cut the 2D cube and paste each piece on the 3D
image ? (i suppose it's called texture map ?)

there are some matlab functions that i know related to my
problem, such as meshgrid, surf etc
but i have no idea how to use them to my purpose

can anyone give me some tips ?