problem with symbolic toolbox on matlab 6.5 student

problem with symbolic toolbox on matlab 6.5 student

Post by christoff_ » Mon, 24 Nov 2003 04:38:32

I am on Fedora 1/(Redhat 10) linux i386
I have matlab student version 6.5

The maple toolbox on my system is broken. When I type in any symbolic
operation I get the following message:

Unable to load mex file:
/matlab_R13/bin/glnx86/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0
not defined in file with link time reference
??? Invalid MEX-file

Error in ==> /matlab_R13/toolbox/symbolic/maple.m
On line 101 ==> [result,status] = maplemex(statement);

Error in ==> /matlab_R13/toolbox/symbolic/@sym/maple.m
On line 74 ==> [result,status] = maple(statement);

how can I fix this?
I had the same problem when I was on redhat 8.0 as well as redhat 9.0

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