updating string in textbox automatically

updating string in textbox automatically

Post by bill bi » Fri, 26 May 2006 04:53:29

I have a script that updates a graph to show when a new point is
plotted. I have a textbox that I want to update at the same time. I
use 'annotation(figure1, ....)' to create the textbox. How do redraw
the textbox so that it is not simply overwritten and make a mess?
Here is an example code that updates the graph but not the textbox:

for k=1:20
hold on
xticklabel=[xticklabel (x(k))];
xtick=[xtick x(k)];
if (rem(k,2)==0)
yticklabel=[yticklabel y(k)];
ytick=[ytick y(k)];
end %

annotation1= annotation(figure1,'textbox','Position',[0.04464
0.003968 0.1679 0.0746],...
'String',['Y value:' num2str(y(k))],'FitHeightToText','on');

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