Matlab X11 windows don't work on mac if X11 is

Matlab X11 windows don't work on mac if X11 is

Post by Nick Forg » Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:31:49

It's great to hear a voice from "the inside"! It means a lot to me
that some one at TMW feels the same.

Had there been much progress before the intel-mac issue? I mean what
was the rate of "Macification" like before then? As it currently
stands, I don't plan on using Matlab except for situations where I
really have to - if the program was more OSX friendly (and integrated
with the OS better) I would actually use it much more. I am planning
to go into post-grad research in areas where I could make use of
various Matlab toolboxes. As it currently stands, I don't think I can
really do that - Matlab is too irritating compared to just writing
various things myself. I'm serious about this - TMW are cutting
themselves out of a lot of more *** users, and the number of
technical people moving to macs is rising, rapidly. In my
engineering/computer science course, more then 10% of the people that
I know personally have switched to macs/OSX during the degree. These
people are generally (huge generalisation here, but anyway) the ones
who are going to be doing research, and ending up in teaching or in
positions of authority. I would've thought that TMW would like to
encourage these people to use Matlab rather then make it a painful

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Any help will be appreciated greatly!

Thank you so much in advance!!


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