problem with axes limits - reaching precision limits?

problem with axes limits - reaching precision limits?

Post by Laurent Gi » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 06:16:57


I am trying to set tight limits on the x axis of a plot for two
points whose X coordinates are:

x1 = 731889.497534767
x2 = 731889.497557916

The problem is, Matlab does not let me set the 'xlim' property to [x1
x2] for tight limits, but rather uses a wider interval. If I use
relative coordinates (i.e. x2 = x2-x1, and x1 = 0), then it works
Am I already reaching the precision limits of floating point
representation, or is it a problem with the plotting function?

This behavior can easily be reproduced by the small code below, which
plot two small numbers (with tight axis), and then plot the same
numbers offsetted by 1e6 without being able to set tight axis:

x1 = 0;
x2 = 5e-6;
plot([x1 x2], [1 2]);
set(gca, 'xlim', [x1 x2]);
plot([x1 x2]+1e6, [1 2]);
set(gca, 'xlim', [x1 x2]+1e6);

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Yesterday we surpassed the 16gb limit on our SBS 2000 Exchange db. I had
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Anyway, our current sizes are priv1.edb = 16, 661,832 and priv1.stm is

I went through the process of adding the registry entry to get an extra gig
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(KB828070 - option#2) I immediately got users to begin deleting /archiving
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