How to enhance the 3D effect of 3D ellipses?

How to enhance the 3D effect of 3D ellipses?

Post by Pak » Sun, 24 Apr 2005 04:18:42

hello all:

i am using fill3 to draw a 3D ellipse with some solid color such as
'red' or 'blue'. All the centers of these ellipses are on the X-Axis
and the ellipse plane is perpendicular to X-Axis.

I have 3 such ellipses located on different place and the only
difference between these are the location of X-Axis.

One located on 10, the other 20 and the last on 30.

the problem, after I finish drawing these ellipses, is that the
induced 3D shape rendered by Matlab is not good as I expected.

For example:

If I draw a straight line parallel to X-axis and go through all
centers of ellipses. The matlab doesn't render the splace location of
these object correctly.

So what should I do to improve the quality of 3D effect?

thank you