How to distinguish Double-click and Single-Click event?

How to distinguish Double-click and Single-Click event?

Post by damay » Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:55:44

Dear all
I made a figure and set 'ButtonDownFcn' to a subroutine named
'SaveData2File'. Below is SaveData2File code.

function SaveData2File(FigHandle, evnt)
SelType = get(FigHandle, 'SelectionType');
if strcmpi(SelType, 'Open')
% do something when I press double-click
elseif strcmpi(SelType, 'alt')
% do something when I press right-click

However, when I press double-click, SelType is always 'normal' but not
'open' that I want. I think when pressing double-click, MATLAB first
recognized single-click, so 'SelectionType' is always 'normal'. How
can I make double-click event and let MATLAB recognize it?

Any comments or advice will be my pleasure.

Best Regards


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Hi All,

I have a control derived from UserControl. Now I would like to
distinguish between a click and a double click event on my control. The
problem is, that on a doubleclick, the control raises the click and the
double click event. According to the documentation, that is the default

I tried to change that by setting using Control.SetStyle with
StandardClick and StandardDoubleClick(in every combination), but the
best thing that I did achieve, was to turn of all click events :-(

As other controls are handling this differently, I'm pretty sure that
there is a way to do it.

Any hint would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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