Matlab X11 windows don't work on mac if X11 is already in use

Matlab X11 windows don't work on mac if X11 is already in use

Post by Nick Forg » Wed, 18 Oct 2006 23:21:27

I have just realised that if I already have an X11 window open (in
this case, IDL), starting Simulink on my iBook causes all the
Simulink windows to load in monochrome, making them unusable. As in
you can't see anything on your models. When I closed the IDL session
and reloaded Simulink, things went as they should (actually some
colours were corrupted and some menus had rendering errors, but I was
able to actually use the program).

I just shelled out for this program, and my overall impression of the
OSX version of Matlab is pretty damning - I don't mind if it's ugly
but the functionality in terms of some basic mac UI stuff is just

E.G. When I load up Matlab, it seems to think I will want to open a
file from inside my Matlab folder. How about looking in my home
directory to begin with, Matlab? Combined with the 1995 method for
directory navigation, this means that opening what I was last working
on is a 30 second task. I haven't used any software in about 5 years
that was this annoying in terms of basic open/save/print

Sorry, I think I just turned my question/observation into a rant. I
have just never paid for software that was so sub par in it's UI. Am
I the only one who feels like this?

Just to add another dimension to my first post here, what's the go
with upgrading? I bought r2006a a few days before r2006b came out.
Can I get an upgrade, or do I have to buy it outright? Please tell me
I don't have to buy it outright....

Matlab X11 windows don't work on mac if X11 is already in use

Post by Brian Arno » Thu, 19 Oct 2006 08:05:33

i Nick,

I would like to see the Mac version of MATLAB not requiring X11, but
still being able to work as a headless Unix tool as an option
(especially for very long computations, distributed computing, etc.).

I would like to see the Mac version of MATLAB defaulting to the user's
~/Documents folder, with some way for me to customize this path when
opening MATLAB from the Finder. But more to the point, I would like to
not care about specifying the current directory any more.

I would like to be able to specify a MATLAB command to run from the Finder.

I would like to see the Mac version of MATLAB being able to open on its
own, and open all of its MATLAB file types, more than just what it does
today (where it can now open files if MATLAB is already running, yay).

I would like to see a single icon for MATLAB that I can click on to run,
not a pile of directories and a "launcher" application.

I would like a true 64-bit version of MATLAB that makes the most
advantage of multi-core Intel processors on all of the latest Macs.

I would like to have high-resolution graphics in MATLAB on the Mac that
compare well with Quartz. I would like to have QuickTime support
(Animation, if nothing else) for image processing and rendering. I
would like for AppleScript OSA to be supported as part of the language,
just like COM is for Windows.

I would like Mac keyboard shortcuts that work, and are consistent.

I would like Simulink Toolbars on the Mac.

I would like a cleaner, tighter, more consistent interface across the
MathWorks product line.

I want these things not only on the Mac, but on all of the platforms
MATLAB can run on. I want equality for the interfaces MATLAB presents
on each platform, and I also want MATLAB to do the right
platform-specific things, such as keyboard shortcuts, file dialogs or
printing, where it makes sense.

There's more, and it doesn't sound like a rant to me.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels like this.

I'm a Mac Developer at the MathWorks (one small voice). Some of this is
very optimistic thinking on my part. And we need much more than
(internal) Mac developers to do these things well.

We were unable to make much progress in the next release due to the time
we needed to port our 80+ products to Intel Mac, which are now in their
first public beta, and so you won't see forward motion on these and
other important matters until after the next release, after our Intel
support is nailed down. Sorry about the rate of progress, but...

Please speak your mind,


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