run -> pause -> run without using debugger

run -> pause -> run without using debugger

Post by pc_de » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 15:19:44

Titus wrote;
why not use de *** with using stoptime 2s.

Thanks for replay.

but in my case simulation accepts input runs for specified time and
then pauses (without using de *** ), next time it will run again for
specified time ofcourse from the point where it was paused before and
then pause.

here is the query which i posted tomorrow.

how can i run a model in simulink for some specified time say 2 sec,
such that it will pause after the 2 seconds insted of stoping which
is the normal behaviour of simulink.

for this i have made a m-file, i run this function at command line,
the simulation time is set to "inf" but it hangs the matlab, which i
do not understand, it should pause the simulation at required time.

m-file is given below;

j = 0;
requiredtime = 5; % time to which i want to run the
% simulation and pause at that.

% it will run the model whose name is test

while(1 == 1) % endless loop

% now i will get current simulation time
j = get_param('test','SiumulationTime');

% if current time is equalto or greater than the
% required time then pause simulation and
% break the loop.

if j >= requiredtime


any option or command that gives the desied behaviour ?

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