bitmap to outline (tracing) possible in matlab ?

bitmap to outline (tracing) possible in matlab ?

Post by Hans Chris » Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:05:37

Subject: tracing bitmap characters, glyph, bitmap to outline, curve fitting


I am looking for a matlab script / function which can convert a bitmap
character (glyph) to an outline.

Anybody know where I can find something useful?

Thank you.

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Is it possible to configure System.Diagnostics.Debug and
System.Diagnostics.Trace in a Visio add-in at runtime? I've created a VSTO
add-in using Visual Studio 2008.

The add-in will get installed in C:\Program Files\VisioAddin. Can I create a
configuration file, like in the TextWriterTraceListener example? (VS.80).aspx

Where do I have to place this configuration file?. I tried multiple
locations - C:\Program Files\VisioAddin\VisioAddin.config
- C:\Program Files\VisioAddin\VisioAddin.dll.config
(both assuming that there is a main assembly called VisioAddin.dll that
contains the startup method and that there is a VisioAddin.dll.manifest)
- VISIO.EXE.config in the Office installation directory

I've only found this example (for Outlook), in which a
TextWriterTraceListener is configured in code:

But I want it to be configurable at runtime.


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