problem with I doing this corre

problem with I doing this corre

Post by Jonathan K » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 00:28:21

In what I am trying to do, I have to run either a one-way Anova, a
two-way Anova, or a three-way Anova. I have written a wrapper
function to call the appropriate test and return the results to the
wrapper function.

Ideally, I would like to return a cell array (or struct) with each
row containing the information for a particular graph and the number
of rows indicates to the graph function how many graphs to create.

Does anyone know of a better way to do this than with
varargout/varargin? And, can you help me figure out how my sample
code above could be modified to make that happen?


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Hi All

I am novice in Tk , so I have goofed up somewhere in my code ...Need

Heres my partial code snippet

# I define a global variable

set udrPath /udr

# and then I use it as textvariable for my entry widget
entry .bfmc.ud -text "/udr" -textvariable udrPath

#next to the entry widget, i have a button
button .bfmc.btud -text "Set" -command { MIBUpdate 0 $udrPath }

#So my idea is to trigger MIBUpdate procedure with the value of udrPath
whenever I click the button

#MIB Update is defined as

proc MIBUpdate { type value } {

global udp testStat udrPath

if { $testStat == "Stop" } {

puts $udp $type$value

if { $type == 0 } {

set udrPath $value



SO basically I enter a text in entry widget and it get set in the
udrPath variable
then when I click the button the MIBUpdate is called and the udrPath
value is sent to a udp socket inside the procedure.

This works fine in normal scenarios but there is a problem .as follows

if I enter the first time
/udr as the value inside entry it works well

but next time if i enter, say
/ab , then the value at remote udp socket is /abr instead of /ab , so
/ab overwrites /ud of /udr and becomes /abr

i.e the new value overwrites the previous value instead of scrapping it

I am sure there is a workaround but i am just not able to figure it

Any help will be appreciated

in advance

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