Help with mglinstaller.exe (MATLAB library installer for stand-alone executables)

Help with mglinstaller.exe (MATLAB library installer for stand-alone executables)

Post by kmou » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 01:08:45

I need to know :

1) How can one call upon (execute) "mglinstaller" in command line
(without double to click <==> not manually) on Unix and Ms platforms?

2) Which are the options of mglinstaller, if there is?

3)How you it functions and that made it exactly

any documentation about it is wellcome
Thanks for your help

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2. Can Matlab 6.5 automatically convert GUI-based Matlab program to stand-alone applications?

Hi all,

I am using Matlab R2006a on Windows XP. I can use mcc to automatically
convert GUI-based Matlab program into stand-alone applications.

But can Matlab 6.5 do the same thing? Suppose the matlab GUI program was
built using "guide" in Matlab 6.5, can Matlab 6.5 's mcc convert it into a
standalone application automatically?

I don't have a Matlab 6.5, but does anybody have experience on that? We need
a special feature from Matlab 6.5...

Thanks a lot!

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