Autocode generation.

Autocode generation.

Post by Sambuddha » Tue, 04 Dec 2007 19:40:18

I am currently using Matlab 6.5 version for the autocode
Can any body please help me in desigining a external
function call(in Simulink or Stateflow) which has n
arguments and returns a value.

For e.g : a = func_call(x,y,z);
where func_call is an external function.

I have tried with S-Function and have even changed the TLC.
But the code doesn't generate as expected. It completely
inlines the called function.


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In 2002 I asked the microsoft.public.access.tablesdbdesign group a
question about how to "automatically build tables from field
defintions rows in another table".

I never received an answer that fit my needs, but the topic has come
up again in my work. Other terms that might describe what I'm looking
for are: metadata repository query, matrix generation query, table-
generation query, array-generation query.

Consider the following tab-delimited layout of an MS Access Query in
Datasheet view.

Class_Name Attribute_Name Attribute_Type Attribute_Length Value_Name
Dog Gender Char 10 Female
Dog Breed Char 30 Beagle
House Bathroom Number NA 3
House Bedrooms Number NA 3
Person Last Name Char 20 Smith
Person First Name Char 20 Joe
Person Birth Year Number NA 1951

How can I use the non-programming features of MS Access 2000, 2003, or
2007 to automatically generate a Datasheet view that would provide
form or query data entry functionality that would look like the
following Tab-delimited layout for Class=Person (Attributes: First
Name, Last Name, Birth Year)

First Name Last Name Birth Year
Joe Smith 1951

Note that I want to be able to add "values" to the cells of the class/
attribute matrix for data entry purposes.


(Yes, I want to build a table-definition metadata tool on top of MS
Access's ISAM database engine, as well as on top of a SQL DBMS.)

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