MATLAB online coding contest

MATLAB online coding contest

Post by Vaibhav Be » Sun, 10 Feb 2008 23:00:21


NITK Surathkal, one of the top-most engineering colleges in
India is having its annual techfest "Engineer" from 14th -
17th Feb. One major attractions is the online MATLAB coding

Last year we had participants from all over the world vying
for the $1000 prize money.

This event is essentially a contest where college
participants are expected to create mathematical models for
the specified problems. The problem statements are designed
and stated such that any person with a strong background of
mathematics and a good level of programming skills will be
able to arrive at a solution without having much
domain-specific knowledge.

The link is here

Please register soon if you are interested.
The event will most likely be next weekend.

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MATLAB online coding contest

Post by Ashish Uth » Wed, 13 Feb 2008 06:21:55


The sample Q's seemed good.

1000 _$_'s?? :)

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MATLAB online coding contest

Post by Vaibhav Be » Sat, 16 Feb 2008 03:48:02


Starts at Feb 16th, 2200 hrs to Feb 17th, 1000 hrs
(IST).Please check your local timings.



Thank you,
Team Engineer

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MATLAB online coding contest

Post by Makarand T » Tue, 20 Jan 2009 12:56:01

Hi again!
We, the students of National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal are pleased to inform you that we are organizing our annual technical symposium ENGINEER 2009 from the 12th – 15th of February, 2009. ENGINEER is a tribute to the spirit of an engineer, of innovation and enquiry and a sincere attempt on our part to fuel the fire of innovation residing within each one of us. ENGINEER has built a reputation of drawing some of the best technical talent from all over India and also international talent especially for our online events. ENGINEER is spread over four action filled days of technical contests, inspiring lectures, insightful and informative seminars and many more exciting activities. It draws voluminous participation
from not only students, but also subject experts, corporate and eminent personalities from India and abroad. Every edition of ENGINEER has outdone its predecessors in standards and magnitude and this year will be no exception.

SIMPLICITY @ ENGINEER 2009 will test your capability to propose simple solutions to seemingly complex problems in the real world. MATLAB – The Language of Technical Computing (an engineer’s best friend) is a very effective simulation tool, for performing computationally intensive tasks quickly and easily. MATLAB builds the bridge between the human thought and implementation in mathematics. The problem
statements are designed such that any person with a background of mathematics and programming skills will be able to arrive at a solution. Unlike standard OPCs (Online Programming Contests), we this year have thought of including some branch-specific knowledge. Although it is not a strict pre-requisite, it will always be of some assistance, as we have a few questions to test the basics of mathematics involved in each branch. We are here to test your SIMPLICITY!

Please visit

Ultimately, ENGINEER is driven by the enthusiasm and energy of its participants, which is why we attach great importance to your presence here. We would like to invite you to be a part of this celebration and we promise you that it will be an experience to cherish. Join us, as we embark on this journey, to Think, Create, ENGINEER.

The event will be held on
Date: 24th January 2009
Time: 1000hrs – 1600hrs
Indian Standard Time (+0530 GMT)

Please check the Engineer 2009 website for updates.
Makarand Tapaswi: +91-9986469793
Ohil K Manyam: +91-9880817928
You can also send in your queries to XXXX@XXXXX.COM

MATLAB online coding contest

Post by Ohil » Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:55:03