uci datasets

uci datasets

Post by Stij » Sat, 21 Oct 2006 19:47:07

Dear Matlab users,

I cannot find te UCI machine learning datasets in Matlab format. Is
any of these datasets readily available? A script that converts arff
files to matlab format would also be useful.

Any help is appreciated,

1. about UCI datasets

2. Tool to capture UCI chess engine exchanges?

I want to write a UCI chess engine that plays badly enough for me to
beat it, and then improve it as my game improves (this is mostly for
fun, I know that many already exist). The UCI documentation I've
found on the net is pretty terse, and it would help a lot if I could
read a log of the actual communication between Fritz and a UCI engine
I've already installed. I know they communicate by stdin and stdout,
using readable English words, but I don't know how to capture it --- I
looked at the SysInternals suite and they have monitors for registry
and file access, but as far as I can tell they don't show the actual
strings exchanged, or monitor stdin and stdout.

Does anyone know of a tool, preferably free, that does this? Thanks.

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