Computation Monitor: A concurrent pattern to manage long computations

Computation Monitor: A concurrent pattern to manage long computations

Post by Carlo Mila » Mon, 22 Jun 2009 00:07:21

several years ago I developed a programming technique that I called
Computation Monitor. It is described here, with sources in Java:
As it is a language-independent technique, that I implemented also in
C++, I wonder if it is a known concurrent design pattern.


Carlo Milanesi

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I'm trying to solve an equation of the form:

Y = Y0 - ( Un.* (A*Y0) + Vn.*(Y0*Z) )*delta_t

as efficiently as possible where Y0, Un, Vn, A, and Z are all square matrices of size on the order of 300 X 300 and delta_t is a constant.

Would computing A2 = A*Y0 and Z2 = Y0*Z followed by Un2 = Un.*A2 and Vn2 = Vn.*Z2 in parallel speed-up the overall computation of Y?

If so, what is the best way to do this (having access to the Parallel Computing Toolbox and a dual-core processor)?

Is there another/better way? Or does MATLAB automatically/internally optimize efficiency of such a computation?

Many thanks in advance...

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