[ANN] Blackjack Gold 1.1.8 for Mac/Win released

[ANN] Blackjack Gold 1.1.8 for Mac/Win released

Post by Shar » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 14:03:41

Play the popular blackjack variations of Spanish 21, Super Sevens, Over
Under 13 and the blackjack wheel. Choose from preset *** conditions
including Atlantic City, Mississippi Gulf Coast, various Las Vegas
options, or Easy, Medium, Advanced. Blackjack Gold offers several card
counting systems and the ability to add your own.

Highly customizable. Configure the players, cards, betting options, and
*** conditions. Set your own bankroll, table minimums and maximums,
card shuffling options, penetration, and choose your own seat at the
blackjack table. Up to 7 players can be set to human/computer with
customizable blackjack strategies for the computer players.

You can set the dealer hit and peek options, along with the table rules
for splitting, doubling, and surrendering. Options include some of the
harder to find game rules such as Double Down Rescue, Split Rescue,
doubling on more than 2 cards, and surrendering at any time. Blackjack
payouts are configurable, as well as allowing the dealer to win ties,
and whether to allow 5-6-7 card Charlies.

Pros can configure blackjack strategies for any player, set the game to
an all computer player game and let it play by itself to test your
favorite strategies. Progressive betting is supported, hard and soft
hand strategies, insurance, surrender, split, double, even money,
win/loss limits, the last two cards played, and other factors let you
set detailed strategies for your computer players. The top 100 scores
are saved and can be sorted by hands played, cumulative wins/losses, and
other categories.

Screenshots and download links for Macintosh and Windows:


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