Ann: ESBPCS for VCL v4 Released - heaps of components and routines for Delphi & BCB

Ann: ESBPCS for VCL v4 Released - heaps of components and routines for Delphi & BCB

Post by Glenn Crou » Wed, 22 Dec 2004 03:50:37

ESB Consultancy is pleased to announce the release of ESBPCS for VCL v4.


Registered users can grab it from the registered users site - email me
if you have misplaced passwords :)

Just to briefly cover what's new since v3.0.5 was released:

- Support for the new subsets: ESBPCS-Calcs, ESBPCS-Dates and

- Lakh Formatting as used in India.

- Currency SpinEdits.

- Duration Processing, Edits, ComboBoxes and SpinEdits.

- Expression Evaluation Routines, Component and Expression Edits.

- Base Conversion Routines.

- Beta Probability Distribution.

- Programmers Calculator.

- Improved BCB 5 & 6 support.

- Plus Heaps of New Routines as well as many new methods and properties
to existing components.

For those unfamiliar with ESBPCS for VCL, let me give you an overview:

This is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 235
classes/components in over 140 units for Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7 and
2005/Win32 and Borland C++ Builder 5 and 6, which are aimed at making
"data entry and manipulation easier" for the Developer and their

Components included cover Integer Edits, Float Edits, Hex Edits, IP
Address Edits, Percentage Edits, Date Edits, Time Edits, Date/Time
Edits, Month Edits, Time Edits, Complex Edits, Fraction Edits, Currency
Edits, Calculator Edits, Calendar Edits, Button Edits, Comboboxes,
Month Comboboxes, Day of Week Comboboxes, Time Zone Comboboxes, Country
Comboboxes, Duration Comboboxes, SpinEdits, Month SpinEdit, DOW
SpinEdits, Duration SpinEdits, Currency SpinEdits, Vector Edits, Matrix
Edits, Calculators, Calendars, Statistical Analysis, Labels, URL
Labels, Math Labels, CheckBoxes, RadioGroups, CheckGroups, Memos,
RichEdits and much more. As well, there are Data Aware versions of most
of them.

Routines included cover Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Complex
Numbers, Fractions, Physics, Geometry, Astronomy, Longitude/Latitude,
Unit Conversions, Strings, File IO, Registry, Financials, Country
Lists, Holidays, Time Zones, Dates and Times, and much more.

Includes full source to all components.

Glenn Crouch mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM
ESB Consultancy
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