iMagic Inventory Software 2.35

iMagic Inventory Software 2.35

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Managing stock has never been as easy! iMagic Inventory lets you take
full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage
customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this
inventory software.

Create invoices in a snap. iMagic Inventory gives you quick access to
your inventory and customer details. No more hunting around for client
or stock details!

Never run low or be out of stock again. Our intelligent reordering
system gives you complete control. Order in new items weeks or months
before they are needed. No more lost sales due to insufficent stock.

Analyse your invoices and track your sales with the reporting feature.
Track long term trends and remove dying stock before it becomes a
burden. The fully featured reporting system let's you track sales over
time, making market analysis simple.

Find the optimum layout for storing stock and then use the Picking
List feature to save more time!

Full barcode support saves you time. Simply attach a barcode reader to
your PC and it will fully integrate into the software.

Build up your client database over time and use it as a valuable
marketing tool. Mailmerge into Word or send out special offers via
Email. Staying in contact gains repeat buys and keeps you ahead.

Unleash the full potential of your business with iMagic Inventory.

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Sometimes small business owners need a little help, we know we're a
small business too! That's why we designed iMagic Inventory a stock
control software system. It's been put together over 10 years,
constantly updated with feedback from business owners like you. Now
we're proud to make it available to you.

iMagic Inventory helps organize your business, to streamline it and
take a lot of the repetitive work out and automate it. It runs on
Microsoft Windows and is a desktop application you can install on your
business PC. It's small and efficient, but still allows you to store
many hundreds of thousands of stock items, invoices and customers.

We've helped many small businesses, become what their owners always
wanted, smooth and efficiently. So why not download our free trial
version today and take a look for yourself. You've got efficiency to
gain! iMagic Inventory the inventory software solution that helps you.

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