iMagic Kennel Reservation 1.19

iMagic Kennel Reservation 1.19

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The ideal alternative to manually tracking customers and pets! No
longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer
details. iMagic Kennel Reservation is a kennel reservation software
system designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get
on with running your business.

At last reservation software for kennel business owners at an
affordable price that's easy to use.

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2. Kennel Reservation Relationship set up

OK, I'm new at access! I want to set up a way to keep track of dogs entering
in our training program & leaving the training program.
The tables I have set up are as follows

Table 1) DogID, DogName
Table 2) StayID StayType -why the dogs are here. boarding, training,
personal, etc (Field1 boarding, Field2 Gun Dog training, Field3 Personal)
Table 3) ReservationID, Date In (when the dog is planning on entering), DogID
Table 4) ReservationDetailID, ReservationID, StayID
Table 5) KennelID, KennelName (name of each kennel the dog will stay in
while here)

I have a one-many relationships (with integrity inforced)
from DogID 1 to dogID 3
StayID 2 to stayID 4

Table 5 I haven't even incorportated yet because I can't get the others to

I am trying to create a form so I can add when a dog is going to "reserve or
check into a kennel" and why they are going to stay.

Every scenerio I try I get errors that I am changing the primary key, etc.

I am stuck. I can type the dog's name, but not the date. Or if I type the
reason they are here it changes the field data.

Any hints. My therory is not becoming reality!!!


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