iMagic Hotel Reservation 4.6

iMagic Hotel Reservation 4.6

Post by Tony Hughe » Sat, 21 Nov 2009 07:40:02

Sometimes work can be much harder than it needs to be. From hassle, to
mistakes, to waiting for people it can be a drain. Then one day you
find something that makes a difference, when I found this it really
made a difference. It's a hotel management system by iMagic.

It takes a lot of the tedium out of managing a hotel or bed and
breakfast by automatically completing tasks for you. Checking rooms,
managing bookings, everything you'd hope for.
You can even link it into various web booking websites so that you can
take bookings online. It's setup in a "wizard" style, so it's
basically just a series of questions that you answer. Then it does all
the work for you.

The whole system has made such a difference!

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iMagic Hotel Reservation - reservation software is an affordable,
simple to use and install hotel booking software system for
guesthouses, small hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. iMagic
Reservation Lite was developed for the needs of small to medium
accommodation management. The program has reservation, room
management, billing, accounting, and statistics capabilities.

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