Possible to show the SIP while hiding the SIP button?

Possible to show the SIP while hiding the SIP button?

Post by Lcube » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 01:00:56

By using a full screen I can hide the lower menu bar and the SIP
button and I have my own SIP button with no options. That all works
well. However, when the SIP is activated, the Microsoft SIP button is
displayed right under it hiding my button until the SIP is once again
hidden. Only the SIP button is displayed with the SIP, the rest of the
bottom menu/toolbar stays hidden. I would like for the SIP to stay
hidden too instead of covering my button.

Is there a way to hide the SIP button while displaying the SIP?
All suggestions appreciated.

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i would like to hide the SIP button (not just panel), when a dialog
(for example about dialog) is shown and turn it on back when the
dialog is closed.

here is the initialization of the about dialog:

// Create a Done button and size it.
shidi.dwMask = SHIDIM_FLAGS;
shidi.hDlg = hDlg;
return TRUE;

i've searched this newsgroup and found several different replies to
the same question, but none of them worked for me. SIPShowIM couldn't
be compiled and SHFullScreen with SHFS_HIDESIPBUTTON flag doesn't work
at all.

any comments? also if it is possible to have the menu and just hide
the SIP button, i will be glad to here your instructions.


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