Application Icon and Start Menu

Application Icon and Start Menu

Post by Tom Couvre » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:00:59

Hello to all.

I think this must be really simple, and I must be asking the wrong
questions in the search engines, but 2 things...

1) Can someone please help me with how to set the application icon on a
.NET CF app?

What I would like is to set the icon that is shown for the app when you
look under Program Files.

2) I also cant find how to tell it to include a reference to my app in
the startment. I assume its simple - something to do with the .inf or
the .ini file, but again I cant see any simple examples that tell me how
to do it. Of course the icon should again be the same as above.

Normal appologies if its been asked before, etc.


Application Icon and Start Menu

Post by Peter Foot » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:39:51

Create an Icon (.ico) file with at least a 32x32 256 Color icon and a 16x16
256 Color icon for your app. You can do this using the editor built into
Visual Studio or any third party icon editor. Then in your Visual Studio
project open the project properties. In the Build page Application Icon
property select the .ico file you created. Rebuild and deploy the
application to the device. If you have previously deployed the application
to the device with the default icon you may need to soft-reset to see the
new icon because the icons are cached.

In the default .INF file (your project folder\obj\Release or your project
folder\obj\Debug) Visual Studio creates when you use Build Cab Files there
will be a shortcut created in the Start Menu\Programs folder for your
application. If you open the .inf file you will see this near the bottom
(except with your application name of course)


if you change the destination to %CE17% this will place the shortcut in
\Windows\Start Menu (or localised equivalent). You can read about these
%CE*% identifiers in the Visual Studio help under "Windows CE Directory
Identifiers". Once you've changed this inf file you'll need to rebuild the
CAB files by running the BuildCab.bat file in the same folder.


Peter Foot
Windows Embedded MVP Senior Advisor |


Application Icon and Start Menu

Post by Tom Couvre » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:53:00

Fantastic. Will try tomorrow, but it looks like exactly what I needed.

Thanks Peter!

Application Icon and Start Menu

Post by Tom Couvre » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 19:39:28

Thanks again, Just tested and it works fine.

Highlights one of the most annoying things about the VS.NET IDE - the
two versions of the properties window... right click vs click on the
properties button in the toolbar.

Anyway, Thanks.