inkx and drawing

inkx and drawing

Post by Shaun Wild » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 07:05:08

Hi All

I am trying to use the InkX control to capture little scribbles - however
whenever I draw in the control it gets a little dotted box with a 'Drawing'

Does anyone know how I get rid of it?

I did try other settings but on one of them the drawing just vanishes.



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2. RIchInk / InkX Handwriting "Recognize" Functionality

I'm working on a PocketPC 2002 app that needs to collect handwritten
user input and convert it to text; very much like the way "Notes" app
converts handwritten input via the "Recognize" menu command.

I've reviewed the (pitiful) RichInk and InkX API docs, inspected the
header files, read through dozens of RichInk/InkX posts, scoured the
MS knowledge base, and used CESpy the try to find the right
combination of messages, all to no avail.

Anyone have any tips or hints on how to do this?

Thanks -- Steve

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