WS proxy rears its head again...

WS proxy rears its head again...

Post by Boomhaue » Fri, 15 Jun 2007 10:12:19

I have a client using one of our mobile apps, and their network is
proxied. Our NetCF based app has its own proxy config settings which
assigns a new webproxy to the webservice. We use this instead of the
proxy defined under the device connection settings because we need to
have authentication on the proxy (ntlm, or other).

the network is accessed via a cradle-based activesync connection.

we managed to get a test app working at one point, but it seems really
flaky. Now that we've put the same proxy managment code into the
production app, we cant seem to get it to connect at all.

however, we tried putting the same proxy into the device connections,
pulled up pocket ie, and opened google - it requested a login to
authenticate on the proxy, and connected right up.

is there a latest how-to for proxy connections? seems like Im doing
everything Ive read about online and having marginal results (assign a
proxy to the webservice object, assign the credentialcache to both the
webservice object and the proxy object... etc).

Thanks for any help


WS proxy rears its head again...

Post by U2ltb24gSG » Fri, 15 Jun 2007 20:36:00

Sounds like what you are doing is correct. Can you post some code?
Simon Hart