CAB Installation - Wrong File Dates

CAB Installation - Wrong File Dates

Post by Stride » Sun, 28 Dec 2003 00:02:42

Merry Christmas everybody!

My company has developed a PPC application which is
installed from a CAB file.

The appliaction has an automatic update feature which
works like this:

Every time a client connects to the application server to
exchange data, all the application's file dates are
compared with the dates of the files in the update site
(Date Modified). If a file on the client has a different
date from a file at the server, the file is downloaded
and installed.

The problem is that when I first install the application
on the client using a CAB file, all the application file
dates are wrong. In particular the file dates are 2 hours
greater than the original files. So, the first time a
client connects to the server, it downloads all the
application files, because all the dates are different!

I guess it has something to do with the timezone settings
of the client(+2 GMT). However, the server, the client
and the machine on which the files are built have the
same time zone settings.

Is this a known bug of the CAB installer? Does anybody
have a clue how to force the files in the CAB to be
created with the correct time and date information?

Thanks in advance.