msarn200.exe and explorer.exe problem

msarn200.exe and explorer.exe problem

Post by Allan But » Tue, 23 Sep 2003 22:33:30

Hi, I'm not sure if I am posting to the right newsgroup
here but I will ask the question anyway.
I have recently rolled over a server at a particular
location. Formerly the site was an NT4.0 workgroup that
has now been rolled into an sbs2000 domain. The rollover
has gone fine except for the main application, which uses
an msaccess2.0 runtime component to drive it. On some of
the clients (Common thread is that all offending clients
are using windows XP with SP1) when you, say, print an
invoice, prints OK at first but then appears to freeze on
the second attempt, and won't output the print job for
approx 15 minutes. I put the task manager beside the app
and tried again and noticed that when the program was
behaving itself msarn200.exe was the process that took
99% of the cpu whilst it was setting up the report to
print. When the job "appeared" to freeze explorer.exe was
hogging 99% of the cpu. Has anyone seen a scenario
similar to this before.

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I am having a problem with my computer and am hoping someone can help me out.
The other day my roommate decided he wanted to check out Firefox. He' is
not PC literate at all and I believe as part of the mozilla install he
installed Google Desktop.

Personally I hate these things so I went to remove it from the computer
using add/remove. A window popped up saying I could restart now or later. I
decided to restart now since I was't doing anything at that time other then
uninstaling google. The computer reboots, google is still on my computer.

I decide to use the google uninstall program. Same thing happens. Google
is still there. I go to the google site to see what instructions they have.
They tell me to remove the keys from registry delete the google directory and
restart. I can't delete the directory because one of the files is write
protected. On a side note I really hate that when windows does this. I am
logged on as the *** y administrator and if I want to remove a file from my
computer I should be able to do this.

I decide to try loging on to safe mode. Try removing registry keys from
safe mode. Google directory is able to be manually deleted. Restart
computer. Explorer.exe does not start. Go to task manager, try to start a
new process. Explorere.exe functions for a half second. Toolbar and icons
reappear and then disappear again.

What gives here any ideas?

Thanks for the help.

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