Invitation to SOQUA 2007

Invitation to SOQUA 2007

Post by denar » Wed, 23 May 2007 18:27:32

ear colleague,

we are organizing the Fourth International Workshop on SOFTWARE QUALITY
ASSURANCE (SOQUA 2007) aimed at discussing and evaluating latest
challenges, breakthroughs and experiences in the field of software
quality assurance.

We cordially invite you to submit a paper and attend SOQUA 2007 which
will be co-located with ESEC/FSE 2007 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on September
3-4, 2007.
Please find the Call for Papers attached to this email. Please fell free
to distribute this CfP among your colleagues and students.

With best regards,
Mauro Pezz(SOQUA'07 General Chair)
Giovanni Denaro and Onn Shehory (SOQUA'07 Program Co-chairs)


***** CALL FOR PAPERS *****
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***** Fourth International Workshop on *****
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* co-located with ACM SIGSOFT ESEC/FSE 2007 *
* Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 3-4, 2007 *
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The goal of software engineering is to achieve high-quality software
in a cost-effective, timely, and reproducible manner. Advances in
technology enable reductions in costs and schedule, but their effect
on software quality assurance remains often unclear.

The widespread availability of interconnectivity has changed the
nature of software systems and has deeply affected both complexity and
quality requirements, raising new design and quality issues that call
for new approaches to quality assurance. Many modern software systems
consist of large sets of heterogeneously developed
components. Object-oriented design, component-based software
engineering, components off-the-shelf (COTS), design patterns, and
open source software facilitate the development tasks, but assuring
the quality in scenarios that entail (combinations of) these concepts
is problematic.

The goal of SOQUA is to bring together researchers, engineers, and
practitioners to discuss and evaluate latest challenges, breakthroughs
and experiences in the field of software quality assurance, and to
identify open issues and future trends in this area.

SOQUA 2007 will put special focus on the role that self-adaptive and
self-healing solutions can play in quality assurance. Self-adaptive
and self-healing systems and technology promise to facilitate the
control in system scenarios where complexity and characteristics make
both human intervention and traditional
stop-debug-fix-redeploy-restart approaches impractical. Despite the
many international events that address self-adaptive and self-healing
research topics, the role of these new technologies in quality
assurance remains scarcely understood yet.


Contributions related to software quality assurance, especially from
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