Latex question

Latex question

Post by Thomas Wen » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 01:20:10

I am coding a Z specification with *** and have a problem concerning
alignment in the environment marked by "\begin{argue}".
I would like to write the usual comments in the argument like "[by
definition of XY]" aligned to the right, which I expected to be done by
the \hfill command. Since that does not work, I am struggling with a hoard
of \quad \qquad and the like now, but this is a really tedious approach
and certainly not the best solution.
I would be very thankful if anyone could give me a hint ...

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Is it possible to create tables in *** with columns that colspan?

So that i can create a table with two columns in the first row, and 4 in the
second. (wich could be filled with max and min values for the first rows
name or something else of interest)

An example of a table i would like to do can be seen at: %205/Tabell/tabell.html
Where the first row has five columns, and the others have 13.

I have tried to search for the answer elsewhere, but was unable to find it.
Maybe i didn look in the right places as i am quite new to LaTeX.

Many thanks in advance for any good and helpful answers i get!

Regards, Kent

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