CFP CAL'2010 Pau, France, 9-11 march 2010

CFP CAL'2010 Pau, France, 9-11 march 2010

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ll for papers
CAL'2010: 4th Conference on Software Architectures,
Pau, March 9-11, 2010

After Nantes in 2006, Montreal in 2008 and Nancy 2009, the fourth
edition of the Conference on Software Architectures will be held in
Pau in March 2010. CAL 2010 proposes to again bring together the
researchers interested by the multiple facets of Software
Architectures. It constitutes a forum of privileged exchanges between
researchers and industrials about software architectures. This event
is intended to put forward specificities of the methods, languages,
techniques and tools for software architectures, their common points,
their divergences, like their future tendencies. The conference
CAL'2010 will take place jointly with LMO (Languages Models and
Objects) and IDM (Model-Driven Engineering). The three events have
their own call for papers. For more details on organization, please
connect to:


We seek submission of original works relating to all the aspects of
software architectures describing research results or industrial
experience. Research papers will be evaluated for their clearness,
originality and impact. Articles of experience feedback will be
evaluated w.r.t. the importance of their contribution to using
software architectures in practice.

The topics of the conference are:

* Meta-models and architecture description languages,
* Models, patterns and styles in software architectures,
* Ontology-based Models for architectures,
* Analysis, verification and validation of architectures,
* Formal approaches of description, validation and verification of software architectures,
* Software Architecture transformation and refinement,
* Application Synthesis, code generation from specific architectures,
* Middleware, component-based technologies for architectures implementation,
* Architectural component-based Deployment,
* Architecture-based support for reconfiguration and adaptation of applications,
* Requirement engineering for architectures,
* Architectural model-based NFP and quality assessment,
* Reverse engineering, extracting architectures,
* Architectures of autonomic, self-adaptive, self-managing applications
* Multi-scale, multilevel reconfigurable architectures
* Software architectures of communication protocols and services
* Service-oriented architectures,
* Architecture-oriented process models and development methods,
* Decision management in architectures,
* Architectural model-based engineering,
* Architectural aspects in model-based engineering,
* Tools and environments for architecture-oriented development,
* Dedicated architectures (GUI, OS, services, etc),
* Non functional properties and architectures.


* November 08, 2009: deadline for online submission
* December 16, 2009: notification for authors
* January 10, 2010: deadline for camera-ready versions
* March 9-11, 2010: CAL 2010 (Pau)

Submission procedure

The official languages of the conference are French and English.
Papers written in French have to be presented also in French. The
first page will include paper's title, authors names, their
affiliation and addresses (in particular electronic), and an abstract
of 150 words maximum. For papers written in French, abstract should be
both in French and English. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by 3
reviewers among the members of