"\dom" is just a NAME, There are no operator paragraphs for it.

"\dom" is just a NAME, There are no operator paragraphs for it.

Post by Mike » Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:31:34

I am told that "\dom" is just a NAME, There are no operator paragraphs
for it.

The concrete parse tree of birthday book example in the standard maps
\dom to PRE?

What would happen if was declared it as a PRE and it did parse like the
ISO example?

Would it cause any problems with other declarations?

In your explanation it would mean that \dom is a RefName and birthday
is a RefName. But I think it would be logical that \dom is defended
like in the ISO FigureD.1 "Concrete pare tree of birthday book

This is how I think it work's, see Fig1:

Fig1: parse tree
PRE (\dom)
Reference expression
NAME (birthday)

known: \power NAME \\
birthday: NAME \pfun DATE
known=\dom birthday

%%Zpreword \dom dom
\dom : (X \rel Y) \fun \power X
\forall r : X \rel Y @ \dom r = \{~ p : r @ p.1 ~\} \end{gendef}

In Fig1 it looks like \dom is performing an action on birthday which is
how it should work.

The parsing would work like this:

(Going form bottom up)

1) pass birthday into \dom
2) \dom will check if it's declaration can accept birthday's parameters

see Fig1
\dom can accept a set that is a mapping of 2 parameters, see Fig3
(\dom : (X \rel Y))
3) Check to see if the passed set is also a mapping of 2 parameters,
(birthday: NAME \pfun DATE)
4) Yes it is
5) Then make sure that what we return will also be a mapping, a
functional mapping of all the X, (\fun \power X)
That holds true for:
\forall r : X \rel Y @ \dom r = \{~ p : r @ p.1 ~\}

Now going back to Fig1, Application contains a set who's constraints
meat a condition that is working on a set called birthday, because
application is the right side of the infix relational predicate "=" and
the left side is DeclName (know) then point know to the set returned by

If I call \dom NAME and birthday NAME I can't do the above?

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