3rd CFP - Deadline Extension: Workshop on Invariant Generation (WING 2009), York, UK, 22-23 March, 2009

3rd CFP - Deadline Extension: Workshop on Invariant Generation (WING 2009), York, UK, 22-23 March, 2009

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Third and Last Call for Papers, Deadline Extension

W I N G 2009

2nd International Workshop on INvariant Generation

March 22-23, 2009, University of York, UK
Satellite Workshop of ETAPS 2009



New deadline for submitting full papers: January 19, 2009

A special issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation with full versions
of selected papers will be published after the workshop.


Program verification has a long research tradition, but so far
its impact on development of safety critical software has been
relatively limited. A key impediment has been the overhead
associated with providing and debugging auxiliary invariant
annotations. As the design and implementation of reliable
software remains an important issue, any progress in this area
will be of utmost importance for future developments in IT.

The logically deep parts of the code are characterized by
(nested) loops or recursions. For these parts, formal program
verification is an appropriate tool. One of its biggest
challenges is automated discovery of inductive assertions,
leading to verification of safety and security properties of

The increasing power of automated theorem proving and computer
algebra has opened new perspectives for computer aided program
verification; in particular for the automatic generation of
inductive assertions in order to reason about loops and
recursion. Especially promising breakthroughs are invariant
generation techniques by Groebner bases, quantifier
elimination, and algorithmic combinatorics, which can be used
in conjunction with model checking, theorem proving, static
analysis and abstract interpretation.


This workshop aims to bring together researchers from several
fields of abstract interpretation, computational logic and
computer algebra to support reasoning about loops, in
particular, by using algorithmic combinatorics,
narrowing/widening techniques, static analysis, polynomial
algebra, quantifier elimination and model checking.

We encourage submissions presenting work in progress, tools
under development, as well as research of PhD students, such
that the workshop can become a forum for active dialog between
the groups involved in this new research area.

Relevant topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Program analysis and verification
- Inductive Assertion Generation
- Inductive Proofs for Reasoning about Loops
- Applications to Assertion Generation using the following tools:
- Abstract Interpretation,
- Static Analysis,
- Model Checking,
- Theorem Proving,
- Algebraic Techniques
- Tools for inductive assertion generation and verification
- Alternative techniques for reasoning about loops

Keynote Speakers

Leonardo de Moura (Microsoft Research, USA)
Andrey Rybalchenko (MPI Saarbruecken, Germany)


Program Chairs:

Andrew Ireland (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Laura Kovacs (EPFL, Switzerland)

Program Committee:

Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research, USA)
Martin Giese (University of Oslo, Norway)
Reiner Haehnle (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Paul Jackson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Jens Knoop (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
Francesco Logozzo (Micr