Call for Papers VLFM'04

Call for Papers VLFM'04

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Mark Minas (VLFM'04 Chair)


Call for Papers


Visual Languages and Formal Methods (VLFM'04)

Workshop at the
IEEE Symposium on
Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC'04)

Rome, Italy, September 30, 2004


Visual languages and formalisms have always been used in computer
science and other fields. With primarily visual methods like UML and
SDL, they have become a standard in the process of software analysis,
design, and implementation. Moreover, there are many formal modeling
and specification approaches where visual approaches are existing or
evolving, e.g., for specifying transformations for MDA or for OCL, in
order to make such approaches more comprehensible and usable. On the
other hand, formal methods are inevitable for specifying, designing as
well as implementing visual languages and methods.

The workshop on Visual Languages and Formal Methods aims to bring
together members of these different areas and to provide a forum for
presenting and discussing new results, ideas, and experience among
them. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following

* Formal modeling and specification languages with visual

- Formal and semi-formal visual modeling languages (UML, SDL, ...)
- Visualization of specification languages and methods
- Visual specification languages and methods
- Diagrammatic reasoning

* Formal specification of visual languages and methods

- Grammar- or meta-modeling-based syntax definition techniques for
- Static and dynamic semantics of visual languages
- Frameworks and meta CASE tools for processing VL and UI


The workshop is a satellite event of the IEEE symposium on Visual
Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC'04) focused on the
design, formalization, implementation, and evaluation of computing
languages and environments that are easier to learn, easier to use,
and easier to understand by a broader group of people.

VLFM'04 follows the line of successful symposia on visual languages
and formal methods, which were before held 2001 at Stresa, Italy, and
2003 at Auckland, New Zealand, as symposia within the IEEE symposia on
Human Centric Computing HCC'01 and HCC'03, respectively. HCC was the
successor of the IEEE symposium on Visual Languages and has now
evolved to the IEEE symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric
Computing (VL/HCC'04).


Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of up to 15 pages in
ENTCS format ( until June 20, 2004
electronically via our submission web form available at the workshop
web site. The contributions should report about ongoing research in
the area of visual languages and formal methods. Position papers and
contributions making methodological statements are strongly

Accepted contributions will appear in volume of Elsevier's Electronic
Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. A preliminary version will be
available at the workshop. Authors of the best papers of the workshop
will be invited t

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I think it is somewhat out of date with the times, Think of how many
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